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    Trading Services

    We provide a secure trading environment that benefits traders and investors of the global forex community.
    We aim to deliver sophisticated solutions that improve the standards of online forex trading.

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    Central Clearing House

    Our comprehensive list of services includes the clearing, matching and settlement
    of Derivatives and Securities, guaranteed allocation to clearing houses
    and exchanges, monitoring and evaluation for better risk management capabilities.

Specialized Prime Broking Services

Providing physical FX trading services to individuals and corporations to assist in managing their risk efficiently

Welcome to Grizzly Limited official website.

Grizzly Limited, founded by experienced trading professionals, is a financial services firm.

About Us

Our aim is to present our clients with all the opportunities offered by the forex industry and help them achieve their financial goals with unparalleled efficiency.

About the Company

Grizzly Limited, through its growing network of banking, counter-party relationships and liquidity providers, proudly offers a fast, secure and reliable currency exchange service to clients. Our comprehensive set of FX products and services are competitively tailored to your needs.

We are devoted to provide a secure trading environment that benefits traders and investors of the global forex community. We aim to deliver sophisticated solutions that raise the standards of online forex trading.

Our Mission

We are driven to engage with our clients and make the industry better. Innovative technologies and state of the art equipment are core components of our implementation. Grizzly Limited asissts clients to effectively manage and diversify their portfolio in one of the most lucrative financial markets of the century.

Our main priority and commitment is to our clients and partners. We aim to create and maintain a high standard of customer support in order to ensure the ultimate trading service performance.

Our Services

We constantly seek to improve our trading infrastructure and create tailor-made clearing solutions for demanding investment companies. Whether you are a corporate or private client looking to hedge exposure, acquire or convert foreign currency we can provide a solution that matches your needs.


Central Clearing

Reduce counterparty risk and exposure. Increase your trading efficiency using our Central Clearing Counterparty model.

Physical FX

Manage your risk using our physical
FX trading services, tailored to the most demanding institutions and corporations.

Margin FX

Get superior trading performance in a Central Clearing Counterparty Model, by receiving the fastest connectivity through our seamless integrations.


Our matching and settlement services risk model limits the financial risk resulting from the clearing, settlement and depository services offered.


Risk Management

As a leading clearing house, we provide powerful risk management and clearing features that address both our members’ trading needs.


Quote Pricing

Receive the best rates from the global leading FX banks. Access to superior pricing derived directly from the interbank exchange.

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